10 Simple Money Management Tips for Every Business Owner

Although there are several divergent trials and tests in the process of managing any business, money issues stay key to operating a successful business. Various methods will overhaul and modify your financial operations. However, there are also some simple money management techniques to develop your finances. Many business owners are good at generating, marketing, and selling what their business sells, but have issues managing money.

What is Money Management?

Money management is the practice of consolidating a business’ capital with proper budgeting, planning for expenses, returns, and investing. If you have adequate money management blueprint, it is easy to avert destructive cash flows and guarantee your business profits.

Failure to handle money wisely can lead to difficulties, including running out of money, making late payments, and not accumulating wealth receivable. Knowing financial inflow and outflow is an excellent way to ensure that money keeps moving in your business.

No matter your financial experience, you’ve got to understand that there’s more to operating a profitable business than creating and selling. To succeed, you must understand the theory and practice behind initiating cash flows and overseeing your accounts appropriately.

If you’re grappling with business funds or want to ensure business operations run smoothly with enough money to cover expenses, these ten money management tips are for you.

1) Create a Budget

Taking time to create a business budget simplifies other money techniques you may use. Firstly, budgets aid revenue, and expenditure targets. It shows you how much you can spend and how much you’ve allotted to each segment of your business, helping with how you spend money. 

It also serves as a projection tool to calculate revenue you intend to receive.so If you realize that your income is lesser than planned, look for ways to reduce costs and raise income. Besides, budgeting will let you see periods when you will receive extra cash for investing.

2) Pay Dues Before Due Dates

If you don’t identify when your fees are due, including loan payments, accounts payable, or credit card payments, you probably won’t have sufficient cash. Besides, it will set you back with additional interests, late fees, and it drops your credit.

To circumvent late bill payments, monitor due dates.  Set reminders on your computers, phones, and write out when payments are due. 

3) Keep an Eye on Expenses.

If you can’t tell how much money you use every month, day or week, and bills increase, you need to check your expenses.

If you have several accounts, such as savings, checking, and credit card accounts, make sure you monitor these accounts’ withdrawals and expenses. Also, consider uncashed checks. If you overlook payments, it may lead to overdrafts and overdrawn accounts. Use account books or simple account applications to record expenses no matter how little.

4) Isolate Business and Personal Funds

Integrating your business and personal coffers can end up with disordered accounts that result in overspending. When you mix funds, following business withdrawals and deposits becomes challenging.

Splitting personal and business funds are vital to money management. Besides, business bank statements are beneficial for tracing turnover and examining expenditure.

5) Don’t Forget About Receivables

While sales can be a good indicator of how well your company is doing, you only reach a profit if you collect the money from the sale. It is easy to forget if you give credit, and you won’t be able to get your money until a deadline.

To help you recollect these monies, note them in your account books. Pursue your money vigilantly and ensure that you get your payments on time.

Receiving money is also essential. Use computerized payment methods. For instance, using a POS linked to your account tracks the amount received. You will notice real in-depth comparisons between taking cash against receiving money via electronic means.

6) Buy at the Right Time

Don’t make avoidable procurements until you pay bills besides waiting until there is adequate money for new payments. Also, time your acquisitions to cut your tax liability. Buy tax-deductible materials before the end of the year, to declare them on your tax return.

7) Supervise Inventory

Don’t buy supplies excessively if they are going to waste away in a store. Also, make sure your store has materials in demand by customers. It will help you supervise inventory and manage your business funds.

Balance the line between not having enough and holding unnecessary inventory. Note sales and purchases check supplies available before ordering for some more.

8) Grow Business Profits and Cut Expenses

If you’re having making profits, find multiple methods of reducing costs and increase returns. Some methods include raising proceeds by giving discounts, online/Social media marketing strategies, starting a referral tool, and more.

9) Keep Track of Employee Costs

Since employee costs account for a large chunk of business costs, it is essential to leave costs low while maintaining quality. Besides its imperative to track employee costs

10) Keep Some Reserve Cash

Sometimes your business may not be doing well.

It’s always good to have fallback cash for a situation where the money isn’t moving correctly. It is useful for emergency expenses like repairs or paying salaries.

Some other essential tips

  • Always plan  
  • Pay Your Bills on Time, Every Time
  • Make Prudence a Habit
  • Invest in an Introductory Accounting Class (Online)

Monitoring your business finance will let you escape sudden business debt and have money to invest and nurture your enterprise. A good money management plan will also make your business profit. 

Unexpected Things That Can Make Or Break A Motivational Talk

Once in a while is it important to listen to a motivational talk to rejuvenate you in your daily life? This could be for your own personal development or workplace or for family well being. The world is such a hassle and for some reason, things just do not work. Surprisingly, to others, things seem to go on well. You are now left wondering if it is you who is not doing things well or you just need a booster to help you have a different thought. This is the reason you now need to listen to a motivational talk. As much as this is the main objective there are some unexpected things that will just spoil the day. Once you have an idea of such eventualities then you are in a better place to deal with them without spoiling the day completely.

You will notice that most of the unexpected interruptions mainly result from power interruptions. As long as you have no power then how will you even communicate or rather present the powerpoint presentations? You have no control of power supply from the national grid but you have the power to have a backup plan. This is the time you now need to use inverter generators in case of power interruption.

The moment there is a lack of power supplied for the event then count the event as a failure if you have no other power plans.

In this case, a generator is a must-have equipment in any motivational talk. Remember this is a timed event and people have left their hassles to come and listen to you. Some of the motivational talks are always paid. You can imagine if this is the case only to have a power failure. In case you have no idea on the best generators then click here https://www.bestcabinettablesaw.com/portable-inverter-generator-reviews/ to have a review.

As long as you do not have a power supply then your public address system is also down. You cannot communicate then automatically the event comes to a standstill. You have to either get a generator to wait for the power to be reinstated. What a shame. This is the reason why most of the conference facilities have a backup generator as part of the package when hiring the hall. Moreover, you may have a failure on the laptop. As long as you have your documents saved on the cloud then the facility should come in handy to sort you out. It is this unexpected thing that makes sure that institutions that offer conference facilities have all these eventualities covered in their package. In case you are a mobile motivational talk personality then it is not an investment in futility. You may be required to talk to students in remote parts of the nation where there is no power supply. There is no one who wants to attend a failed motivational talk. It is the beginning of a failed career of the personality and you can imagine what it takes to build the brand.

How Playing Ping Pong Can Empower Young Girls

Feminism has made clear the systemic injustices that have been committed against women for centuries and centuries the dire need there is of putting an end to them and rectifying them. There is a dire need to stop oppressing women and start empowering them instead. One great way to do this is through ping pong: a sport that is not only fun and entertaining to play, but that will teach girls many skills that will better their lives and make them feel happier, bolder, stronger and unstoppable.

Ping pong is a social game played by either 2 or 4 people on opposing sides of a table with a net in the middle and the goal of the game is to hit a little ball with small rackets to gain points. This sport is usually played recreationally, however, there’s also a competitive division (including several competitive teams and divisions in every country) and it is also an Olympic sport since 1988, so playing well could get you a spot in the Olympic team!

Ping pong is great for all ages and needs, just about anyone can enjoy it and play it (be it competitively or for fun) and in fact even elderly people or the disabled can play without problems; but ping pong is especially great for empowering girls because it teaches and improves plenty of skills that are traditionally considered to be less present in women. Playing this game can improve your reflexes and reaction time as you will need to keep track of the ball and know where it is, it can improve your ability to make split-second decisions as you will need to know when it is and isn’t profitable to hit the ball, it will improve your hand-eye coordination and your speed… which are all areas where women are stereotypically considered to be the lessers of men, even though it is not true.

In addition, this amazing skills will not only make girls feel much happier about their abilities, feel more empowered, confident, better their self-esteem and help them be happier and have a brighter outlook in life but the can be extrapolated to other areas of life: better reflexes and hand-eye coordination will help girls drive better, the ability of making split-second decisions will help them be better leaders and be better prepared in the case of an accident, disaster or emergency and improving their reaction time and make their senses sharper, allowing them to react faster to what is happening around them. As you can see there are many life skills that can be taught by playing ping pong.

All in all, it is extremely easy to empower young girls through ping pong: it makes them more social, can help them better their life skills, abilities and capabilities that could be extrapolated to other areas that are not this game… and it can make them feel powerful, strong and in control of their own lives, which is really crucial during the teenage years.

How Investing In Range Hoods Can Make A Difference In Everyday Cooking

Do you know why there must be good air circulation in the kitchen? The main reason s the fact that when burning, you use oxygen which also human beings use for breathing. This is the reason why there is a range hood to enhance circulation to remove the steam off your kitchen. Cooking is a skill that needs you to have a peaceful environment to portray your skills.

 Have you tried to cook in a smoky kitchen, there is a possibility you will abandon the kitchen just to grasp some air and that is the time the meal will either undercook or overcook or even burn. A range hood is a kitchen appliance designed for making cooking more enjoyable. Cooking is a pastime that puts families together, it needs to be exciting but this is only possible when you have the right equipment range hoods can make a difference in your everyday cooking.

These are some of how the range hoods make a difference in cooking.

Improves air quality

Apart from just the smoke, range hoods can be also used to remove odor, grease and other pollutants which might interfere with the environment. How does it work? It sucks all the air using the inbuilt motorized fan in three ways- recirculation, filtration and directing it outside the kitchen. This means that it reduces the chances of carbon monoxide suffocation.

Enhances lighting

There is power in excess lighting for cooking. Remember that this is a skill that is important in the details. The range hoods have an air space that is connected to the atmosphere that illuminates light to the kitchen enhancing the cooking experience.

Upgrades the kitchen to a stylish level

Your style is a determinant of the range hood style. Many designs can fit your kitchen. There is power in cooking in a kitchen that has a touch of class and design as far as the range hood is concerned.

Enhances the value of your kitchen

There is a difference in the economic value of when you sell your home with a range hood and when there is no range hood. Range hood boosts the value of the home since this is part of the investment. When the surveyors come to look at the kitchen it will elevate the prices since this is an investment that you cannot afford to ignore.

Maintains the cleanliness

The fact that smoke, grease, and other pollutants find their way away from the kitchen then it means that you will have a clean kitchen despite the massive cooking that you may have in the room. Grease has a way of rubbing itself on the walls and this gives you a hard time when cleaning the surface especially when you have water-based paint on the wall. This is not an investment in futility and moreover, it allows you to love cooking in your kitchen since all the distractions and disturbances that may interfere with your comfort are well taken care of.

Self-Care Practices You Can Do When You Have Water Heater

To simplify our lives engineers have innovated such machines which can work on current. The water heater is a kind of electric heating system which can easily boil water using electricity. It is very easy to use equipment like a home appliance. You can easily boil and use clean water with a water heater. When someone has a water heater in the house, he/she can make different use of it Water is an essential thing in our daily life. And when it comes to self-care, it is important to have pure and hygienic water. Who doesn’t know the role of warm water in hygiene? So, have a perfectly running water heater has widespread health benefits.

Different Use of Water Heater in Self-Care

Warm Beverage Every Morning– most of us like to start our day by drinking some hot beverage like tea, coffee, and lemon water. Drinking warm water has many health benefits including proper digestion, prevent constipation, improve blood circulation, and prevent premature aging. A cup of hot water can clean the toxins from your body. So it is important to drink such warm water. And having a water heater is blessings in that case.

Steaming Face– Using the steam of the boiling water can help your skin reveal the pores and remove the dirt from the skin for a deep cleanser. Steaming also can help to increase the blood circulation which nourishes your facial skin and help to reach out of oxygen all around. It also has some health benefit like a headache and sinus congestion relieving. So if you have easy access to a water heater, you can practice this health care more often than if you don’t have this handy appliance.

Washing Face with Warm Water– washing your facial skin with a little warm water can clean deeply. It can remove external dirt from your skin more effectively than normal tempered water. So if you can wash your face every time with some moderate warm water then, it will help you get a glowing skin. While using warm water to wash your face after a stressful day, you can feel more relaxed and calm. Here, if you own a heater machine, you can prepare water as warm as you need very easily. The most water heater has the heat control feature so that you can heat the water according to your need.

Hot Steam Bath– nothing is better than a perfect bath to refresh your body. Whether it is for relaxation of the body or keeps the heart healthy, a bath is important. And if you can bring the warm water for a shower in your bathtub, then you can keep your self-caring process one step ahead. A perfect hot and steam shower can elevate your mood and give you a night of better sleep at night. It can keep your body clean and mind fresh. You also can get relieved of muscle pain and soothe the resentful skin.

You can accomplish some really useful self-care practices with warm water. It is scientifically proven fact that warm water has many health benefits. Boil the water with an electrically powered water heater is much easier than with some gas or fire powered machine. It is very easy to use; even if your heater appears with some problem then you can fix them easily. So owning a water heater is good and it is even better if you know how to fix if the water heater keeps tripping breaker.

Anorexia Bulimia Awareness in toilets

The medical sector is one particular area that experiences the ever-changing nature of new types of sicknesses that affect people. The need to identify and find ways of dealing with them has triggered a lot of studies that are aimed towards coming up with measures of controlling new diseases. Mental and eating disorders are some of the health issues that some family members face. These include Anorexia and Bulimia which are common disorders that many people find difficult to discover them. There is need to create awareness to inform and educating all to place them in a suitable position of knowing what they are undergoing.

Anorexia is an eating disorder that is associated with eating deficient amounts of food and extending further to starvation. It is also termed as a mental disorder in which victims opt not to eat while thinking they are offering a piece of self-control to themselves especially when they feel they have nothing — a big percentage of those undergoing this condition mostly end up dying because of severe poor health conditions. Most noticeable signs and symptoms of anorexia include extreme thinness, change of the skin color which mostly turns yellow, periods that are irregular in women, lower amounts of testosterone production in male and feeling weak and exhausted. This health disorder has dangerous effects provided it is not diagnosed and treated in good time. It has many psychological effects and inflicts bad thinking behaviors like committing suicide by the victim. The disease can also lower the blood pressure to abnormal levels and expose the individual to dangers of heart attack diseases.

Bulimia is also another type of disease that is characterized by eating extremely large amounts of food. However, this might seem normal in some circumstances; the victim undergoes frequent vomiting immediately after taking in some food and even purges when they have not eaten anything. A number of these individuals tend to be more secretive, and most times they will end up spending their time hiding in toilets, a place where they will settle their vomiting problem. It is possible to tell if your partner or a close family member is suffering from bulimia especially when they take much of their time at the Jim or in the bathrooms. You can also monitor the talking behavior of those you love and be able to tell if they are victims since they often speak about things related to weight and appearance. Women are the more likely people to be affected by bulimia when compared to men.

It’s an obligation for everyone to inform and educate people about anorexia so that they can get early treatment to save their lives. Putting posters in toilets where most of these victims spend their time is a very great step that will promote the awareness of these disorders. Advertisements should also be made even in the social media about identifying common signs of anorexia and bulimia.

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Ping Pong Vs Health Benefits

Whenever someone suggests playing a game of Ping pong, it will be someone who would say “how is ping pong going to help out to make our body fit?” I would graciously disagree it. Ping Pong is a game of mind. The main reason ping pong was introduced centuries before was to develop our mental ability to concentrate on things. Concentration is one of the foremost important things that Ping pong offers to human beings.

Health and Fitness

According to a Polish researcher, Ping pong or otherwise known as Table tennis is practiced by 2.8% of the world population and is been much widely used all over the world. Irrespective of the gender, ping pong is widely been played by both children and adults of all ages. Studies suggest that ping pong table games are multifaceted. They have numerous health benefits especially to the younger generation people who are growing up. Even though the traditional racket and bail (tennis or racquetball or squash, etc.,), provides a great amount of physical fitness, ping pong, on the other hand, gives a lot of metal capability and assertiveness for grown up and children. Some of the prime health benefits of playing ping pong are:
A Brain Stimulation

Only a few games have the tendency to give work to the brain. Most of the field games are more on testing physical ability. Ping pong is one such game, which helps the brain to stimulate and thereby helps the person on planning and decisionmaking strategies.

Overall BMI loss

For those who want to maintain a fit and perfect body, ping pong is one unique game. Ping pong allows the person to have rigorous reflexes and thereby makes them to lose weight within a square meter of the space. Moving your body back and forth on getting the opponent, makes your muscles to reflex more and thereby causes weight loss.

Critical quality exercise for the muscle joints

As much as you improve your mental stability, concentration power and brain stimulation, you also have the tendency to improve your core muscles responsible for the energy of your body. Ping pong also serves as a benefit for people having knee and ankle joint pain, and backbone
muscle pain as well. According to Harvard medical school, it is being said that ping pong is one of the greatest games for many older people, and it has been served as the best remedy for many joint pain and failures. Harvard Medical school by itself has come up with having ping pong tables (see here the kinds of tables: https://www.pongboss.com/best-ping-pong-tables/) in their hospitals, as one of the remedies for old age and young people who are admitted for any joint failures.

Ping Pong in Work Culture

Have you ever noticed that most of the organizations have ping pong in their rest area? This is because Ping pong increases mental stability and makes the employees work more productively. Some of the other things that concern employers having ping pong in their office location are: Ping pong is a good sense of distraction after having an 8hour hectic work schedule Ping pong makes you competitive in office environments Unity is diversity”. Ping pong makes teams to collaborate and have a cooperative environment. Ping pong is an easy energizer.

These are the couple of reasons why Ping pong is also used as a great source of a game in work culture as well, on top of health benefits for fitness and stability.

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Does This Pregnancy Make Me Look Fat?

Does This Pregnancy Make Me Look Fat? The Essential Guide to Loving Your Body Before and After Baby

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If you’re like most expectant women, you’re worried about what pregnancy and motherhood will do to your body, your sexuality, and your self-esteem (even if you don’t want to admit it out loud for fear of the Bad Mommy Police). While the journey to motherhood is truly miraculous and brings forth life, it can also bring forth a myriad of legitimate concerns.

Enter beauty activists Claire Mysko and Magali Amadei, who offer a much-needed forewarning on what to expect from your changing body, as well as a reality check for each stage of your pregnancy, exposing the myths, challenges, and insecurities you’ll face throughout pregnancy and beyond—and what to do about them. From candid interviews with more than 400 women and men, as well as their own experiences, Does This Pregnancy Make Me Look Fat?will help you discover:

– How you can learn to trust your changing body, appreciate it, and yes…even work it!
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Packed with guidance from older teens, female role models, and activities from Girls Inc. (the organization that inspires girls to be strong, smart, and bold!), this fun to read book is truly a guide to help every girl be her very best—and happiest—self.

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