How Playing Ping Pong Can Empower Young Girls

Feminism has made clear the systemic injustices that have been committed against women for centuries and centuries the dire need there is of putting an end to them and rectifying them. There is a dire need to stop oppressing women and start empowering them instead. One great way to do this is through ping pong: a sport that is not only fun and entertaining to play, but that will teach girls many skills that will better their lives and make them feel happier, bolder, stronger and unstoppable.

Ping pong is a social game played by either 2 or 4 people on opposing sides of a table with a net in the middle and the goal of the game is to hit a little ball with small rackets to gain points. This sport is usually played recreationally, however, there’s also a competitive division (including several competitive teams and divisions in every country) and it is also an Olympic sport since 1988, so playing well could get you a spot in the Olympic team!

Ping pong is great for all ages and needs, just about anyone can enjoy it and play it (be it competitively or for fun) and in fact even elderly people or the disabled can play without problems; but ping pong is especially great for empowering girls because it teaches and improves plenty of skills that are traditionally considered to be less present in women. Playing this game can improve your reflexes and reaction time as you will need to keep track of the ball and know where it is, it can improve your ability to make split-second decisions as you will need to know when it is and isn’t profitable to hit the ball, it will improve your hand-eye coordination and your speed… which are all areas where women are stereotypically considered to be the lessers of men, even though it is not true.

In addition, this amazing skills will not only make girls feel much happier about their abilities, feel more empowered, confident, better their self-esteem and help them be happier and have a brighter outlook in life but the can be extrapolated to other areas of life: better reflexes and hand-eye coordination will help girls drive better, the ability of making split-second decisions will help them be better leaders and be better prepared in the case of an accident, disaster or emergency and improving their reaction time and make their senses sharper, allowing them to react faster to what is happening around them. As you can see there are many life skills that can be taught by playing ping pong.

All in all, it is extremely easy to empower young girls through ping pong: it makes them more social, can help them better their life skills, abilities and capabilities that could be extrapolated to other areas that are not this game… and it can make them feel powerful, strong and in control of their own lives, which is really crucial during the teenage years.

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