Ping Pong Vs Health Benefits

Whenever someone suggests playing a game of Ping pong, it will be someone who would say “how is ping pong going to help out to make our body fit?” I would graciously disagree it. Ping Pong is a game of mind. The main reason ping pong was introduced centuries before was to develop our mental ability to concentrate on things. Concentration is one of the foremost important things that Ping pong offers to human beings.

Health and Fitness

According to a Polish researcher, Ping pong or otherwise known as Table tennis is practiced by 2.8% of the world population and is been much widely used all over the world. Irrespective of the gender, ping pong is widely been played by both children and adults of all ages. Studies suggest that ping pong table games are multifaceted. They have numerous health benefits especially to the younger generation people who are growing up. Even though the traditional racket and bail (tennis or racquetball or squash, etc.,), provides a great amount of physical fitness, ping pong, on the other hand, gives a lot of metal capability and assertiveness for grown up and children. Some of the prime health benefits of playing ping pong are:
A Brain Stimulation

Only a few games have the tendency to give work to the brain. Most of the field games are more on testing physical ability. Ping pong is one such game, which helps the brain to stimulate and thereby helps the person on planning and decisionmaking strategies.

Overall BMI loss

For those who want to maintain a fit and perfect body, ping pong is one unique game. Ping pong allows the person to have rigorous reflexes and thereby makes them to lose weight within a square meter of the space. Moving your body back and forth on getting the opponent, makes your muscles to reflex more and thereby causes weight loss.

Critical quality exercise for the muscle joints

As much as you improve your mental stability, concentration power and brain stimulation, you also have the tendency to improve your core muscles responsible for the energy of your body. Ping pong also serves as a benefit for people having knee and ankle joint pain, and backbone
muscle pain as well. According to Harvard medical school, it is being said that ping pong is one of the greatest games for many older people, and it has been served as the best remedy for many joint pain and failures. Harvard Medical school by itself has come up with having ping pong tables (see here the kinds of tables: in their hospitals, as one of the remedies for old age and young people who are admitted for any joint failures.

Ping Pong in Work Culture

Have you ever noticed that most of the organizations have ping pong in their rest area? This is because Ping pong increases mental stability and makes the employees work more productively. Some of the other things that concern employers having ping pong in their office location are: Ping pong is a good sense of distraction after having an 8hour hectic work schedule Ping pong makes you competitive in office environments Unity is diversity”. Ping pong makes teams to collaborate and have a cooperative environment. Ping pong is an easy energizer.

These are the couple of reasons why Ping pong is also used as a great source of a game in work culture as well, on top of health benefits for fitness and stability.

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